Jenny Borriello Dog Training - Agility

 Help with your dog training

 Help with all your training needs.

Sometimes you may find that your dog training hasn't quite gone to plan. Along the way you encounter problems or issues which are making life miserable for both you and your dog.

We are here to offer that extra helping hand. Through our love of dogs and positive reward based methods we have helped lots of dogs and their owners. Our calm and gentle approach will create a harmony between you and your dog.

Our aim is to fully support you in gaining a better relationship with your dog whilst improving your dogs behaviour and having fun along the way.

Every session will be tailored to your own specific requirements and more importantly to the needs of your dog.

Here are a small selection of the areas where we can offer our help:

1) Getting started with a puppy (up to 6 months)

2) Recalling

3) Home/Pet Obedience

4) Basic commands & play

5) Foundations for agility

6) Nervous energy

7) The working pet dog

8) The spirited high energy dog

Please feel free to Call us to discuss your requirements on 07775 449740.

Home visits available or you can visit us at Turnpike Paddock.

Telephone and email support will be available to you after your visits.